Augmented Bodies
– About technologies and aesthetics of the future

Master’s thesis 2021
Zurich University of Arts

Trend Research 
Speculative Design
Art Direction

The fusion of human beings and machines is already part of everyday life. Technology-based body augmentations are increasingly turning into lifestyle objects which modify naturally given senses and abilities. This development enables new approaches to design and aesthetics that go beyond already familiar cyborg fantasies.

With the cyborgisation of the human being, design in particular plays a central role. The design and aesthetics of future body augmentations will be crucial for the cultural acceptance of technical aids and those who will wear and use them. It is therefore of great importance to create new aesthetics in order to demonstrate alternative futures.

Augmented Bodies
expands the perspective on close-to and in-body technologies through a design-oriented trend study by providing insights into current object worlds and concepts. The work uses a speculative product series to provide an aesthetic alternative for the design and representation of future body augmentations, with the aim of experiencing them as lifestyle technologies and rethinking the future.


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